I want to get previous version of my workbook

It is highly important to perform saving operation safely to aviod data loss. The most common technique, widely used by all applications, is to create backup file before it is saved. When saving is successfully completed application deletes backup file.

xlCompare uses this way also. The only difference - backup file is not deleted after saving. So, you can get access to the previous verson of your workbook.

Where backup is created?

Open My Documents folder on your PC. There is a xlCompare subfolder. In this subfolder you can find the next one - Backup. This is the folder where all backup files are stored:

Documents | xlCompare | Backup

How to identify the workbook in this folder? This is easy. Backup file is create with it's original name. xlCompare adds data and time of the backup creation to the file name. So, if you've saved Loan Calculator.xls on the 05/12/2014 at 13:07:45, the backup file is - Loan Calculator.2014-05-12 13-07-45.xls.

If something goes wrong and you need to restore original file - you can find it in the backup folder.

You are protected from the data loss, when you are using xlCompare!