Compare and merge VBA Projects in the Excel workbooks

xlCompare is able to solve all tasks you experience when comparing Visual Basic Projects.

Let imagine the following situation - you are receiving a file from co-worker with several modifications in the VBA Project and you need to merge all the changes with your current version.

You can open 2 instances of Excel, one book in one instance, another book in the second one. And check all the modules and forms manually. But what if your project contains 20 Forms, and you should check which controls was changed, or may be something new was added. This process will eat all your time.

xlCompare is an alternative for this time-consuming job. It compares VBA Projects in a few seconds and gives you detailed comparison report with all detected changes:

In this example form "UserForm1" was deleted from the left book (it is marked with red color) and module "Module1" was added to the right book (it is marked with green).

UserForm1 has code module assiciated with it, but it doesn't have a checkmark. Because you can't copy only code to the another book. You should copy form object, and code module will be copied also.

If you check the "UserForm1" checkbox, UserForm1 and it's code is copied from the left book to the right one. This process is quick and easy.

Below is another example. Both workbooks have UserForm1, but some controls was changed and several ones added to the right workbook. Changed controls and properties are marked with yellow color, so you can easily focus on the modified data. New controls are marked with green.

To merge the modifications you should use checkboxes in the Difference Browser window or directly on the Visual Basic Form window.

xlCompare is able to process not only controls, but the code on the VBA language also. For more information on comparing Visual Basic Modules, we suggest you to visit Compare and Merge VBA Modules in the Excel workbooks page.