How to combine worksheets in Excel

From the first look this task is not too complex. If your sheets has a few records you can quickly combine them on the new worksheet. But what about, if your sheets have more than thousand records? How much work is needed to combine them? In this case you should use VBA macro or application which combines the worksheets.

You can find VBA macro in the Internet. But it require specific knowledge from you, because the most likely you should change it to fit your data.

Which tool should I use to combine worksheets? We recommend you xlCompare. We’ve added a number of features which merge data on your sheets in a single click. Just select sheets and run the tool. You’ll have results in a few seconds.

To Combine Sheets you should use command Merge | Combine Worksheets on the ribbon.

This command will do the following:

  • Compare data on the both worksheets
  • Determine which records are present only on the first sheet, which ones are present only on the second sheet and which ones are duplicated on both sheets
  • Create new worksheet and copy all data. Duplicated records are copied into new sheet a single record. If some fields in the record were changed, xlCompare adds a new columns for changed values. For example, if you have two pricelists and price for the specific item was changed, you’ll get two columns, one contains old price and another one – new price.

So, you get combined data in one click – you should not select columns, rows, another options. Just point xlCompare to the sheets it should combine and all work will be done by our tool.

Remember, if this feature doesn’t work as you need, or you need another merging feature – send us your suggestions and you’ll get this feature for free in the new version of xlCompare. Our primary goal is to make this tool working with minimum options.