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xlCompare license details

xlCompare is sold on the subscription basis. You can use the software 1-year from the purchase. If you are going to use it after this period - you should renew the license.

Why the license is not permanent?

Every day we are working on the xlCompare - improving the software and adding new features. All this work is reflected in the updates, published on our website: xlCompare Changelog. We want to delivery you the best software, which quickly solves your task. So, we've decided to use subscription strategy - one month costs less then 4 USD. This is reasonable price for the service you are getting.

Should I order new license when I'm changing PC?

No you should not. You can login into your account in the Spreadsheet Tools Customer Service and remove activations you don't use.

Where can I place an order?

Please, go to the Purchase Page.