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Version: 8.4.0
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Published: May 04, 2020

Ultimate Tool for Excel Spreadsheet Comparison

xlCompare processes cell values, formulas, array formulas, defined names, cell formatting options, ... You are getting comprehensive color-coded comparison report for your data.

Increase your productivity with Excel Compare

xlCompare has all you need to work much faster. If you are working with Price List or Accounting Statements, xlCompare has Database Comparison commands which work with such type of worksheets. You can Update and Merge tables in a seconds using 1 click commands. Filter new or changed records, remove or highlight redundant records - xlCompare has all functions you need.

For Excel Developer we offer formula comparison and debugging commands. You will quickly find differences between 2 versions of your workbook and trace and debug calculations in your spreadsheet. Formula Auditing Tool will save you a lot of working time, spent for drilling into dependencies in your workbook.

xlCompare - Compare Cash Flows

Compare Visual Basic Code, Forms and Controls

Compare VBA Projects is a realy complex task. This is not a usual text file comparison. xlCompare gives you a powerful tool which can do all you need for Visual Basic code comparison and merging.

xlCompare is a must-have utility for a VBA developers and programmers who work in the team environment.

Database Management commands

Filter values on the worksheet

Database Filter
  • Filter by Key - leave only records with this value of primary key and hide all other ones.
  • Filter by Value - filter selected column for the selected value.
  • Filter Errors - leave only rows with error values, like #N\A, #DIV0, #NAME, etc.

Find and remove Duplicates

Database Duplicates
  • Filter Duplicate Keys - Display only rows with duplicate Primary Keys.
  • Hide Duplicated Keys - Hide all rows with duplicated keys (records are not deleted).
  • Filter Duplicate Rows - Leave only duplicate lines.
  • Hide Duplicate Rows - Hide duplicate lines and leave unique ones.

Manage Filtered Records

Database Hidden Rows
  • Cancel Filter - display all hidden rows.
  • Hide by Keys - hide all rows with selected primary key.
  • Hide\Unhide Rows - hide or unhide rows manually on this worksheet.
  • Invert Rows - invert "hidden" property for every row.

Sort Records

Database Sort Records
  • Sort records on the worksheet.
  • Manage Primary Keys in all opened workbooks.

Difference Map

xlCompare reflects all differences found on the sheet/module to the scrollbars (vertical and horizontal). This feature greately simplifies navigation. Colormark on the scrollbar points you to the part of worksheet(module) with difference.

xlCompare:Scrollbars with Difference Map

Reflect count of differences on the sheet tab and ribbon

xlCompare divides workbook to the views - Sheets, Names, VBA Objects, Modules, Forms. Number of differences found when you compare 2 workbooks is added to the ribbon button and to the name of the sheet (module) on the tab:
xlCompare:Count of differences in the vba modules
Button on the ribbon is highlighted with bold font and overlay image.

Extended View mode

This feature displays updated cell values on the worksheet. This is the most native representation of the changes.
xlCompare:Extended View
Display Difference option gives you ability to see updated value and difference. Sometimes updated value is not so important as difference between values. This option displays the information you need on the worksheet. Just browse worksheet and see the differences.
This feature is possible only in the xlCompare. It is not possible in the software based on the Excel application.

Compare Files from Command Line

Run Visual Basic script from the command line.

This powerful feature allows to perform any action in the command line mode, that could be programmed. It is suitable for complex cases, for example: when you need to compare several files at one run. Only a small set of the possible actions is described below:
  • Load and analyse worksheet data
  • Preprocess worksheet data before comparison (for example combine several values into one cell)
  • Modify cells, Recalculate your workbook
  • Compare worksheets
  • Get Comparison Report
  • Analyse Report or save it on disk, send by e-mail, etc.
  • Produce single Comparison Report for folder or set of folders

Usual command line mode.

Pass your workbooks to xlCompare and get results in the form of worksheet or text file. This is quick and easy way is good for version control utilities. For example, for intergration with SVN.

Automate your work with Visual Basic Macros

Create Visual Basic macro which manages workbooks opened in xlCompare. Use full power of Visual Basic to automate your work with xlCompare.
Run Macros Window

Highlight only results you need

xlCompare gives you ability to filter the data you see or to extract it from workbook by removing rest of the records.
Just a single click and you have only records you need on the screen:
Filtered Records

Bulk Merge and Undo commands

If you are working with a big datasets:
  • Database lists
  • Price lists
  • Accounting statements
  • LOG files
  • CSV files
You needs in quick and powerful merge commands which allows to manipulate whole worksheets.
xlCompare gives you Bulk Merge Operations - you can resolve all conflicts found by comparison in single click. This greately increases your productivity if you are working with large amount of data.
Bulk merge command

Compare and Merge Visual Basic forms

Vba Form Differences
xlCompare gives you powerful feature - compare and merge VB Forms in a visual, native form. Just in a few clicks you get all changes made for a specific form.
xlCompare has Visual Basic Form editor. It displays all controls on the Form including hidden ones:
Vba Form Editor
This gives ability to display contents of the Form in it's native way. You see form exactly as it looks in Excel application. All form controls are combined into hierarchcal tree structure - you can see it in the top-left pane of the editor. Properties of the selected control (Name, Font, Colors, Tab Index, Size and Position, ...) are below tree conrol in the list.

xlCompare is the most complete comparison utility for Visual Basic Projects

xlCompare processes not only Code Modules in the VB Project, but the Form objects also. It detects:
  • Added\Deleted Code Modules
  • Added\Deleted Class Modules
  • Added\Deleted Form Objects
  • Added\Deleted Controls on the Forms
  • Modified control properties on the Forms
You can not only detect the differences, but merge all of them also. If you're co-worker has added new module into his development version, you can merge it into main codebase in single click!

Edit your workbooks directly in the xlCompare application:

Formatting options
You don't need to open your workbook in Excel if you need to make a quick change to any formula or format specific cell.
xlCompare has all spreadsheet editing features you need:
  • Edit cell values \ formulas
  • Change tont
  • Set text color and background color
  • Apply borders
  • Apply text formatting: Number, Date, Time, Currency, Accounting, Percentage ...
  • Align text in cell
  • Merge cells
Formatting options

Save comparison report in the external file

xlCompare allows you to save comparison report on disk in the XLSX, HTML or Text formats. You can use this report for future use. HTML format allows to use all power of the HTML language to create presentation for compared data. More information on this feature you find in Save comparison report on disk topic.

Formula Auditing and Debugging commands

Display list of Errors

List of Errors
Display all formulas with errors in single list. xlCompare gives ability to analyse every error by drill-down tracing this formula.

Evaluate Formula

Ribbon: Evaluate Formula
Evaluate and Trace Error commands, display every part of the formula expression:
Evaluate Formula
Note: Red arrow icon on this screenshot means return value of the OFFSET function. You can not only see what was returned by OFFSET, but also immediately trace this value.
OFFSET, INDIRECT and some other functions returns reference which depends on its arguments. They create so called indirect dependencies. Logic of your spreadsheet became unclear and complex. You can debug it by looking into formulas. In this case you need a power tools like xlCompare or Dependency Auditor.

Trace Error

Trace Error
This is an extension for Evaluate Formula command. It finds all error values in the formula's subexpressions, and expends all such branches. With this command you can quickly find where error value came from. You should not analyse every expression, xlCompare does this work for you.
Both formulas are available from the right click menu on the worksheet:
Evaluate Formula RCM

Filter data you want to compare:

Ribbon: Filter Tab
On the Filter tab you can select which data is included into comparison. This option allows you to define comparison strategy which is most suitable for the data you have:
  • Hidden Rows
  • Hidden Columns
  • Constant Cells
  • Calculated Values
  • Text of the Formula
As an addition on the Options tab you can change Formatting Options:
Ribbon: Options Tab

Exclude ERROR values:

Ignore Error Values
Ignore cells which contain ERROR value. You can use this feature to make results more clear and to reduce noise you are getting.

Hide Equal Worksheets\Modules:

Hide Equal Modules
You can hide sheets\modules which are identical to focus on the changes only.

10+ Time Saving functions

Version control features

Every part of the Cell Formatting can be included or excluded from the comparison.
Command Line mode makes xlCompare powerful tool for version control. Not all Excel Comparison applications are suitable for version conrol. You can integrate xlCompare into modern version control \ source control applications as an external file viewer. You will be able to compare and merge Excel workbooks and add-ins in the XLS \ XLA \ XLSX \ XLSM \ XLAM file formats.
We hope that you will enjoy our Excel Comparison Software. If you have any questions, please contact us on the Contact Spreadsheet Tools Page.
xlCompare - Comparison Results

Why xlCompare has a number of unique featured you can't find in other software?

xlCompare is based on the own Spreadsheet Engine we can offer you features which are not present in the software based on the Microsoft Excel Application.

Version: 8.4.0
Size: 5.5 Mb
Published: May 04, 2020