What was included into version 4.1?

This is major update, because it significantly extends xlCompare functionality. We've implemented the following major features:
  • Extended View mode. Display cell and it's updated value on the worksheet.
  • Time Saving commands. Do your most common tasks by one click in a few seconds:
    • Merge data into the master worksheet
    • Update data on the master worksheet with values from another sheet
    • Remove duplicate records
    • Extract duplicate records
  • Bulk Merge commands. You get your data merged in single click.
  • Bulk Undo commands.
  • CSV and TXT (tab-delimited text) files are supported by xlCompare
  • Filter Cells command. It was present in the previous versions, but we've completely reworked it.
  • Remove Empty Rows command.
  • Remove Hidden Rows command.
  • Sort Rows command.
  • Clear Contents command.
  • Clear Background command.
Also, we've fixed number of minor issues in comparing accounting statement data.
Bulk merge menu command

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