Highlight the results you need and ignore rest

Let's imagine common task - you have 2 lists of data and you need to separate records which are unique in both lists.
xlCompare offers you quick and flexible solution. In a few seconds (time depends on the size of your spreadsheet) you'll get 2 lists of records.
See below which steps you need to do:
1. Compare your spreadsheets and get Difference Explorer window with comparison results.
Comparison Results
2. Apply Filter | Exclude Duplicates command:
Filter Comparison Results
Done!Now you have filtered (only red and green) records on the screen.
Filtered Records
Records are filtered only! They are not removed phisically from the workbook. Just hidden. When you close Difference Explorer they are restored.
Now you can select records and copy them.
Copy Selected Records
Now let's imagine another case - you need to leave only red and green rows on the sheets
1. First step is the same - Compare your spreadsheets.
2. Apply Remove Duplicates command:
Remove Duplicates command
Done! Now you have ONLY red and green records on the sheet. All other records were removed.