Save changes in the workbook

If you are doing only comparison operations to analyze the data - you probably will never think on how to save the data. But if you are doing version control or if you merge data from 2 workbooks - save command is one of the most used.
xlCompare is not Excel application, where you know how to save the workbook - you can use quick access command on the ribbon or command on the File tab on the ribbon. We've tried to make this command as easy to use as possible, so the software should not be complex for novices and there should not be any problems with learning it.
Once you workbook is modified, xlCompare immediately shows red save icon near the Compare button:
Save Workbook button
Purpose of this button is not only to save the workbook - it indicates that workbook is changed.
To save your workbook - just click this button. It should disappear after click - workbook is saved.
You may ask us - I want to save workbook under another name. How to do it? No problems. This is also possible, but this command is not present on the main window. Use File | Save File | ... menu command:
Save As menu command
This is not a silent command like a usual saving operation. You should select file name first and then continue with saving.
If your workbook is modified, but you haven't saved it, you get a prompt from xlCompare to save it on closing. When workbook is closed xlCompare works like any document-oriented application - it asks you to save the data.

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