Minimize Difference Browser window

When xlCompare completes comparison of workbooks or visual basic modules, it displays results in the Difference Browser window:
Results of the comparison - Difference Browser window
This is of the most important parts of the xlCompare:
Difference Browser gives you ability to navigate between comparison results and merge them using simple interface with checkmarks.
But it covers some space over the main xlCompare window, where you see color-coded compared data. If you are working with Visual Basic modules it is useful to temporary hide Difference Browser and work with Visual Basic code window only.
There is a Pin command on the Difference Browser Toolbar:
Toolbar command: Pin Difference Browser window to the main xlCompare window
When you press it Difference Browser disappears, but it is not closed. It is only hidden. You still have color-coded comparison report on the screen.
When you finish working with data and need Dependency Browser again, you can find it on the menu bar of the main xlCompare window:
Menu command: Restore Difference Browser window
Now Difference Browser "lives" on the menu bar. Click Diff List red button to get it back.
This simple feature increases usability of the xlCompare. If Difference Browser hides your data - just pin it to the main window. Unpin it when you need it again.