Using Extended View mode in the Comparison Report

xlCompare has unique feature which greately simplifies your work with comparison results. It help to see the actual change in-place. This screenshot shows Extended View feature in the action:

Every updated cell (has yellow background) displays 2 values: original value and updated value from another worksheet.

2 arrows (down and up) indicates that value is shown in the Extended View mode.

Why we suggest you to use this view? When you see updated value you should not search for a corresponding one on the another worksheet. In one cell you see both values. It is handy and easy to use approach.

How to enable this mode?

View | Options | Extended View menu command and appropriate button on the menu bar (in the red square on the screenshot below) enables or disables this mode. You can change the option when you have the comparison results on the screen.

This option is stored and on the next run xlCompare will use previous value.

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