Compare Database Specific Data

What do we mean under Database Data:

  • Worksheet has structured data with Primary Key column(s)
  • There is optional Primary Key row(s)
  • Row may have formulas, but they should not refer to other rows. Only to cells in this row.
This type of data is a database table and it should be compared with other algorithms, than usual worksheets.
Database comparison option gives you much more accurate comparison results.
Option which enables Database Comparison mode is on the Compare Ribbon Tab. If it has green color, like on the image above - this option is active.
For this type of worksheets you can apply set of commands from the Database Tab:
  • Filter by Key
  • Filter by Value
  • Filter Duplicate Keys
  • Filter Duplicate Rows
  • Remove Duplicate Keys
  • Remove Duplicate Rows
  • Hide rows by key
  • Remove Empty Rows
  • Remove Hidden Rows
  • Invert Selection
  • Manage Primary Keys