How to compare controls on the forms?

xlCompare is a unique Excel Workbook Comparison software which allows to edit and merge VB Forms.
To switch to the Form Editor, use View | Form Objects ribbon command:
Visual Basic Form editor
To switch between Form objects use Tab Strip on the bottom. Like you are chaning worksheets. xlCompare uses same interface to display all types of the spreadsheet objects. This makes the software easy to use.
This window displays:
  • Visual representation of all controls on the form
  • All controls on form combined into hierarchical tree. You can see all control you have on the form, including hidden onces
  • List of the properties for each control
The Compare operation produces results like this:
Visual Basic Form - Difference Explorer
All differences, found by xlCompare, are reflected in the Difference Explorer window.
Differences higlighted on the Visual Basic Form
New, Deleted and Changed controls are highlighted with color in the editor window.
xlCompare gives you complete information about changes on the VB Forms!