Some features you need to know to get all power of xlCompare

Decide what you are going to compare whole workbooks or only pair of sheets (VB Forms, Modules)

In this example we are going to compare only 2 worksheets.

Use [...] to open workbook

When workbook is opened select worksheets you want to compare.

Press Compare button and results are on the screen:

Extended View: see value and it's change in the Cell!

Tooltip gives you detailed information on the every difference.

Want to see corresponding value instead of difference? Go to the View tab and exclude this option:

Setup Primary Keys on your worksheets to get the most accurate results.

More information on this feature ...

Filter Records: You can left on the sheet only data you need in one click.

In this example we've filtered records which are present on both worksheets, excluding unique records. Now you can browse 2 sheets on on both sides you have corresponding rows.

xlCompare has several filters:

  • Only changed records
  • Duplicates - equal and changed records
  • Unique records

Align Records: make corresponding rows and columns same width on both sheets.

Data becomes perfectly aligned and ready for browsing.

Pin Difference Explorer to main window.

If Difference Explorer hides your data - pin it and browse data using scroll bars.