Compare VBA Projects in the Excel Files using xlCompare

xlCompare is the most complete comparison solution for Excel workbooks on the market

You may ask Why xlCompare is the most complete utility?

In the Visual Basic Project xlCompare processes:

  • Object Modules (Sheet!, ThisWorkbook, ...)
  • Code Modules
  • Class Modules
  • Form Code
  • Form Controls
Last item is the most important. This feature is often needed to see changes in the Visual Basic project, but it is present in xlCompare only!

Our team has VBA developers with more than 15 years of experience, but we've never seen a tool which allows to compare and merge form controls. All tools we know compare code in the modules. This task is relatively easy. We've added this feature to xlCompare to make VBA Project comparison complete. If xlCompare processes forms and modules, allows to move form or module from one workbook to another - this tool is ultimate for Excel developers.

Below is an example of 2 compared Visual Basic forms:

Every change is reflected on the view. If control has been added to the form it is highlighted with green color. In the Controls Tree it gets plus icon and checkmark for merge operation. To add control to the corresponding workbook - just check this item.

If one of the control's properties was changed - entire control is highlighted and when you select it

Below we've created a step-by-step instruction to show you how easy comparison could be:

Start xlCompare and open 2 different workbooks.

Press Compare button to start the comparison.

Results of the comparison looks like this:

Deleted controls are marked with red and new ones (in this example 1 Frame control) - in green. If same control exists on the both forms, xlCompare processes it's properties.

To merge objects use the checkboxes on each item. This is our standard way for merge operation.

So, as you can see in a single click you compare all contents of the Visual Basic Projects in your workbooks.

This is important for version control. You can see all changes made in the different versions of the Visual Basic projects and merge them.

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