Using xlCompare to compare Excel workbooks.

On the Excel Compare and Merge ribbon xlCompare shows comparison commands:
  • Compare Ranges - select 2 ranges of cells and compare only cells
  • Compare Sheets - select 2 worksheets compare only cells on these sheets
  • Compare Names - compare Named Items in 2 workbooks
  • Compare VBA Projects - compare all modules in the VBA Projects in 2 workbooks
  • Compare Workbooks - complete comparison of 2 workbooks (all cells, named items and VBA modules are compared)
xlCompare ribbon
Compare Workbooks command allows you to select already opened workbooks for comparison, or open workbook using [...] button.
Select options
This is all! Now click Compare button and get the results. xlCompare performs comparison in one click!
When comparison is completed, you get the comparison report, like this:
Difference Explorer window contains list of all found discrepancies. For the each item you can get additional information about discrepancy. xlCompare clearly explains why cells were marked as different.
Workbook comparison is only a part of the xlCompare functionality. If also allows you to merge workbooks and resolve found discrepancies.
Merging features:
Another merging features are described in the Help Library:
Comparison report may be exported into another workbook or text file.
xlCompare can be used for version control. This tool has Command Line mode and desktop utility, which can be used to do workbook comparison from another application.
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