Thank you for choosing xlCompare - fast and feature-rich utility to compare and merge Microsoft Excel Worksheets.

Why xlCompare?
  • Compare Workbooks\Sheets\Names\VBA Projects
  • Comprehensive comparison and accurate results
  • Color coded difference report
  • Fast on the large workbooks
  • Easy to use Merge workbook commands
  • Merge data to the 3-rd worksheet
  • Windows 7 64-bit and Excel 2010 64-bit are supported
  • and more ... (read complete List of Features)
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This product uses own smart algorithms to find differences between worksheets and displays comparison results in the user friendly visual form. This is not a usual cell-by-cell comparison. xlCompare finds added, deleted and changed data and allows to quickly merge differences using special commands, clipboard or drag-n-drop. You can use xlCompare to create intersection of the compared spreadsheets.
Primary aspects of the xlCompare is an accurate comparison results, which look like a comparison done by human, and easy to use merge commands. xlCompare compares workbooks in single click. You should not waste a time to select comparison options and learn the product. xlCompare was designed to be as simple as possible. xlCompare is a unique tool on the market which displays color-coded comparison results exactly as they look in the Excel. It compares large Excel workbooks and gives you results within seconds.
You can try xlCompare for FREE for 7 days. Trial version of this tool is FREE and is not limited by size of workbook, count of runs, size of compared ranges and features. You get fully functional FREE trial version to test it's features with your spreadsheets.
To use xlCompare after this term a registration fee EUR 30.95 ($39.95) is required.
If you can't find the feature you need in the our product, please report it to us: This feature will appear in the next version of the xlCompare for FREE.
xlCompare is compatible with Excel versions 2000 and later, including Excel 2010 32-bit and 64-bit.