How it works?

To start explanation about the xlCompare features and options we want to give you a bit information about this software.
xlCompare 2017 is not an add-in for Microsoft Excel. It is standalone application which is completely independent from Excel and other applications. We've build it on our own spreadsheet calculation engine, created for the xlCompiler project. This approach gives us flexibility in using spreadsheet features and representing comparison results. It allows us to put focus of this utility on the comparison and merging operations and not on the other spreadsheet features.
xlCompare has long list of features and can be used solve various tasks. So, the next few links should direct you to the most appropriate area for you:
If you are VBA Developer and need information about the VBA Project Comparison, please go to this page: Compare and Merge Visual Basic Projects in the Excel workbooks. This article describes how xlCompare works with VB Projects.
If your common tasks - compare and merge database records, price lists, accounting statements we would suggest you to review: Time saving commands to compare and merge Excel worksheets. You'll find useful information on this page.
Looking for a tool for version control tasks for Excel workbooks? You need to read about Command line mode and Integration with SVN. Version control is one of the primary tasks for xlCompare.
This topic we would suggest for everyone: Features you need to know. Just take a breif look on how to use xlCompare effectively. The software have various features you can find new methods to solve your tasks.
Now let's proceed with describing the most common comparison operations. Below is the main xlCompare window:
xlCompare - Comparison Results
All working area is divided into 2 parts. You open 2 workbooks - one in the left and one in the right to compare them. If you are going to compare 2 worksheets in the one book, you should open same book in 2 panes. Under each pane there is a worksheet tab. You can browse all sheets in your book like in Excel.
How to open workbook in the xlCompare?
  • There is a [...] button near the red Compare button.
  • Also you can drop down combo box on the pane and select recently opened book, or select Browse ... item.
  • And the last way - drag your file into the xlCompare window.
Once workbooks (worksheets) are opened, you should press red Compare button. xlCompare has as less options as possible. Our primary goal is to perform comparison without asking you for additional information.
xlCompare has own algorithm which compares data. It analyzes data on your worksheets and selects the most appropriate strategy. This is not a usual cell-by-cell comparison. Our task is to properly detect added\deleted rows and columns and changed cells.
You receive comparison results in the form of Difference Browser window:
xlCompare - Difference Browser
This is small window used to navigate between differences. Once you select the difference, xlCompare selects corresponding cells on the both worksheets.
Small checkbox near every difference implements merge operations. If check it, xlCompare resolves difference - adds row\column or replaces cell contents with data from the corresponding cell.

In addition to worksheet cells xlCompare processes Visual Basic Forms and Modules

xlCompare - compare Visual Basic forms
In single click all controls on forms are processed and you see which controls were added and which properties has been changed. This is work VBA developers don't like, but xlCompare does it in a seconds.
You can put your focus on development and programming - xlCompare will do comparison work for you!
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