Basic Features in xlCompare:

Compare Spreadsheets

xlCompare needs a few seconds to give you comprehensive comparison report, including missed records, changed formulas and cell styles.

Compare and Update Databases

Merge and Update database tables in single click. Get Union or Intersection of your tables. Color coded Comparison Report.

Bulk Merge Commands

One click and all work is done by xlCompare. Let it to save you hours of work! All records are moved from one table to another in a seconds!

Find and Remove Duplicate Records

Find duplicate records in your tables. Make sure that data in your tables are consistent.

Filter Data by Primary Key

Find duplicate keys, filter your data by key value. Highlight duplicate values in your workbook.

Find Redundant Records

Filter, highlight with background color or remove redundant tables from your table. Export them or save in the separate worksheet.

Manage Primary Keys

Complete set of functions for working with Database Keys. Define in single click, clear, edit, specify multiple keys. xlCompare has all you need to work with database data.

Extended View

Display value and difference with the corresponding value directly in cell on the worksheet. This gives you unique ability to quickly analyze changes made on the worksheet.

Compare Formulas and Calculated Values

Find changes in the formulas or their calculated results and point you directly to this change.

Compare Entered Values

If something was changed on your worksheet - it will be found by xlCompare. You can apply filters to define which data xlCompare should take into account. Find differences directly in the areas you are looking for.

Value Tolerance (Accuracy)

Compare numeric values with Accuracy, specified in the options.

Reduce Comparison Noise

Set of options to ignore specific characters, apply accuracy, ignore or highlight errors. Filtering options to exclude color, font and border options were added to allow you to reduce noise you have when working with different worksheets.

Compare and Merge Visual Basic Macros

Get color-corder difference report for Visual Basic Code Modules.

Compare and Merge Visual Basic Forms and Controls

Find modifications in the Visual Basic Forms is a pain and complex and routine work for every Visual Basic programmer. Let xlCompare to work for you and save you hours of work!

Parallel Scrolling

Enable this option to make navigation more easy.

Synchronous Selection

When you select modified value on the worksheet, xlCompare will point you to the corresponding value.

Command Line options

Use xlCompare with version control software to view and resolve conflicts.

Drill Down Tracing for Calculated Values

Find where the formula value came from. This unique feature will have you hours of work if you are working on the complex model with thousands of formulas.

Highlight and Filter Error Values

Get all errors in single list with ability to debug every formula. Make sure that formulas are working properly. This is a must have tool for every spreadsheet developer.

Multiple Comparison options

xlCompare has a few tabs on the ribbon with options for comparing data in different ways.

Export Comparison Results

Save comparison report in the external file. Share comparison results with your co-workers or use it in the other software.

This list gives you only a breaf description of the features present in the xlCompare.

There are a lot of other features and options which are not published here. But all of them together make xlCompare the most powerful and feature rich Excel Comparison software!

Features marked with solid flag () are present in the xlCompare only.

Version: 8.4.0
Size: 5.5 Mb
Published: May 04, 2020