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Version: 9.0.3
Size: 5.5 Mb
Published: November 20, 2020
xlCompare is a flexible and feature-rich utility, that compares Excel worksheets and finds differences in:
  • formulas
  • cell values
  • cell formatting
  • defined names
  • Visual Basic code modules
  • Visual Basic forms and controls
xlCompare performs complete comparison of the Excel Workbooks.
This tool is extremely easy to use. You will not spend a time learning it.
xlCompare - Compare Databases
xlCompare quickly processes large amount of data and gives you comparison report.
xlCompare - Compare Formulas
This comparison report gives you perfect way to browse through all changes, merge them, filter and export to XML or HTML formats.

Features present ONLY in xlCompare:

Formulas and string values are compared on the character level.
xlCompare displays actual characters in the string which was changed:
xlCompare - differences in string values
Put your mouse over changed cell to get comprehensive report about the difference.
xlCompare - tooltip for difference
Extended View mode + Display Difference
Highly important feature. Updated cell values are shown on the same worksheet in comparison with with original value. This is the most native representation of the changes. You can analyse your worksheets (for example Balanse Sheet or Cash Flow statements) and get the difference immediately.
xlCompare:Extended View

Database Management commands

Filter values on the worksheet

Database Filter
  • Filter by Key - leave only records with this value of primary key and hide all other ones.
  • Filter by Value - filter selected column for the selected value.
  • Filter Errors - leave only rows with error values, like #N\A, #DIV0, #NAME, etc.

Find and remove Duplicates

Database Duplicates
  • Filter Duplicate Keys - Display only rows with duplicate Primary Keys.
  • Hide Duplicated Keys - Hide all rows with duplicated keys (records are not deleted).
  • Filter Duplicate Rows - Leave only duplicate lines.
  • Hide Duplicate Rows - Hide duplicate lines and leave unique ones.

Manage Filtered Records

Database Hidden Rows
  • Cancel Filter - display all hidden rows.
  • Hide by Keys - hide all rows with selected primary key.
  • Hide\Unhide Rows - hide or unhide rows manually on this worksheet.
  • Invert Rows - invert "hidden" property for every row.

Sort Records

Database Sort Records
  • Sort records on the worksheet.
  • Manage Primary Keys in all opened workbooks.

Quick merge

. Press this arrow icon to apply this change to correponding worksheet.
xlCompare - Merge Icon

Bulk merge commands

. Merge all values between cells in a single click.
xlCompare - Bulk Merge

Filter cells

. Filter equal, changed or unique rows on the worksheet.
xlCompare - Filter cells
Use this feature to
  • review your data on the left and right panels synchronously.
  • filter part of the worksheet and save visible data in the other file.

10+ Time Saving commands

xlCompare is a feature-rich utility. It gives you various comparison and merging comands. The most useful group of them are separated into set of Time Saving commands to:
  • Find and Remove Duplicates
  • Sort data on the worksheets by key
  • Remove empty rows on the worksheet
  • Filter values command based on the comparison results
  • Mark comparison results with colors
  • and more ...

Compare Visual Basic Projects

xlCompare performs complete VB Project comparison. It compares all VBA code modules and VB Forms and controls. You can add missed controls and forms from one workbook to another.

xlCompare is an ultimate tool for excel worksheet comparison. It will save you hours of work!

You can use it to solve all excel comparison and merging tasks you encounter on the daily basis.
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If you don't see a feature you need in the xlCompare, contact us and you'll get in the next update for FREE.

Version: 9.0.3
Size: 5.5 Mb
Published: November 20, 2020