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xlCompare is a flexible and feature rich utility, that compares Excel worksheets and finds differences in the formulas, cell values, cell formatting, defined names and VBA projects. This tool performs complete comparison of the Excel Workbooks.
This tool is extremely easy to use. You will not spend a time learning it. To start the comparison you need to open 2 workbooks. The most easy way to do this - [...] buttons under menu bar.
If you are working with same workbooks from time to time, you can select recently opened books from the comboboxes.
If you click Compare button without opening workbooks - no problem. In this case xlCompare asks you to open 2 Excel Spreadsheets and compare them. This is example of the complete spreadsheet comparison in single click.

Compare Excel worksheets for differences

When selected worksheets are processed by xlCompare, you receive comparison report like this:
xlCompare - color coded comparison report
As you see, xlCompare doesn't require to select comparison options from you. It compares excel worksheets in a single click. You should not sort data or align rows and columns. xlCompare processes all types of workbooks: complex spreadsheet models, database tables, excel-addins.
Usage of xlCompare is more wide than usual excel worksheet comparison. You can do what-if analysis by comparing 2 copies of your worksheets, version control management, merge database tables (price lists, customer databases, accounting statements) and more.

10+ Time Saving commands

xlCompare is a feature-rich utility. It gives you various comparison and merging comands. The most useful group of them are separated into set of Time Saving commands to:

Extended View

xlCompare - Extended View mode
xlCompare has unique feature - Extended View. It allows to see cell and difference with updated value in one place - directly on the worksheet! You can analyse your worksheets (for example Balanse Sheet or Cash Flow statements) and get the difference immediately.

Compare VB Projects

xlCompare performs complete VB Project comparison. It compares all VBA code modules and VB Forms and controls. You can add missed controls and forms from one workbook to another.

xlCompare is an ultimate tool for excel worksheet comparison.

You can use it to solve all excel comparison and merging tasks you encounter on the daily basis.
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