Download xlCompare - let it to work for you!

Version: 9.0.3
Size: 5.5 Mb
Published: November 20, 2020

Need our help in learning the product?

Contact us to arrange on-line demo. We will make a remote session to show how to use the software.
Review Features List, to get more information on the product.

Which version to install?

Installation instructions

  • Download and save setup file.
  • Run installation wizard.
  • Follow the instructions.


xlCompare is a completely independent software. It doesn't have any special requirements. You can install it and use on the any Windows PC.
xlCompare supports 32-bit and 64-bit platforms.
64-bit version is more powerful and can open larger Excel workbook files.

List of Changes

History of changes in the xlCompare software you can find on the Changelog page.

Limits in the Evaluation Version

  • 30-days working period
  • you can't save workbooks
  • you can't save and export comparison reports
You have 30 days to try it with your workbooks, compare worksheets, Visual Basic modules and forms, analyze and research your models.